I’m so excited to have just been awarded the Gold Academy of chocolate award for my 92% Philippines bar and two bronze awards for my Madagascan 72% and Makira 72%, following on from last year when I also won awards for my Solomon Island bar and an array of great taste awards.

The exceptional taste of my chocolate begins with the selection of beans; the cacao used in each bar is directly sourced and of single origin, in order to preserve the unique tasting notes that arise from each origin, from citrus notes to smoky notes, much like a fine wine.

Upon directly sourcing the fermented beans, we then transform each micro-batch from bean-to-bar in an artisan process at our store in Sneinton Market, Nottingham, making the chocolate from the beans, which sets us apart from the abundance of chocolate companies that simply reform readily-made chocolate into moulds, which therefore heightens the value of our product.

By being in direct contact with the farmers, with my recent trip to Columbia to meet the cocoa farmers that will supply my beans ensuring a strong relationship with the farms we work with, we emphasise the importance of ethical trade and the monumental positive impact that being paid a better-than-fair price for their beans can make to each and every community that supplies us. More information on this is at http://blogs.nottingham.ac.uk/futurefood/2019/07/09/future-food-collaborators-luisas-vegan-chocolates/

I would love the opportunity to gain more coverage about my vegan, artisan chocolates, and am happy to answer any further questions or send any information and pictures you require.

Instagram: @luisasveganchocolates