Hi all, did you know that there is such a thing as a chocolate festival? Last week, Luisa was lucky enough to travel to Amsterdam and experience the wonders that chocolate has to offer!

The Chocolate Exhibition gave Luisa a chance to taste and explore the many different flavours, while also learning from other chocolate makers, providers and experts. She really loved how everyone shared the same passion, believing in supporting sustainable chocolate production with the local farmers.

Along with this, Amsterdam has many other exciting attractions including our very own chocolatier friends at Urban Cacao and Puccini Bomboni. Luisa shared her chocolates in exchange for their own, while learning more about their own chocolate journeys. Puccini Bomboni in particular is a family-run business, open now for nearly 30 years! It really shows how such a small seed can grow out into a large beautiful business. Luisa is aspiring to this, hoping to grow out her own seed and branch out into a truly successful chocolate business!

In other news, we have also just been listed as a winner for the Innovate UK Project. This means we can keep on improving the lives of our farmers as well as giving our customers exactly what they want!

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