The Veganuary Starter Pack

The Veganuary Starter Pack

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Perfect treat to yourself, or gift to someone you'd like to share our plant based chocolate with this Veganuary. Keep reading.


1x Mixed Truffle Box

1x Casholate Bar (25g)

1x Hazolate Bar (25g)

1x Oat Milk Bar (25g)

1x Tigernut Milk Bar (25g)

1x Sicilian Orange Bar (50g)

1x 72% Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bar (25g)

Luisa's chocolate making journey honours the origins of chocolate, which started with the Mayans and the Aztecs, from pure cacao, which was thought of as the Food of the Gods. Ever since this time, chocolate has been diluted, with all sorts being added in to make it cheaper, for example chalk. When milk crumb was invented, this was added to chocolate to further cheapen the cost, which brings us to commercial chocolate that can be found just about everywhere today, despite the fact that dairy can actually dampen down the actual taste of chocolate.

Staying true to the Food of the Gods, Luisa started off making just dark chocolate, from just 3 ingredients. As the demand for plant based alternatives to milk chocolate increased, Luisa expanded her range to use just cashew nuts for natural creaminess, making our bestselling Casholate. She then used Italian Hazelnuts to create Hazolate, and more recently our deliciously creamy Oat Milk bar, and Tigernut Milk bar.

This collection has been picked to give you the best taste of our full range, and will come with information about our true story behind each chocolate bar, which focuses on paying our farmers at least 69% higher than Fairtrade, and building real direct relationships.