The average female cocoa farmer is paid as little as 23p per day despite the fact that in Africa where 60% of the worlds cocoa is grown, 68% of cocoa labour is carried out by women. Figures from the fair trade foundation state that women are paid less than one third of what their male counterparts receive.

At Luisa’s Vegan Chocolates, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are in direct trade with our farmers and pay a price significantly greater than fair trade. Being in Direct trade with our farmers means we are in direct communication with them and not only pay them directly but also ensure that their farms are ethical and everyone is treated fairly.

Being a Female owned business, we do as much as possible to support our wonderful female farmers and do as much as we can to hope that they are improving their lifestyles and communities. From helping our female Colombian farmers; Carmen, Martha and Yanira, to our wonderful Farmers in Makira; Grace & team. We aim to get them all to the premium cocoa market for their fine quality cocoa and by being in direct trade we make sure that they are being paid and treated more than fairly!

Celebrate Cacao have written a lovely blog post about us as women in Chocolate for International women day you can find this below!

A story of female empowerment in the chocolate industry