Hello chocolate lovers! Though it’s been time since our latest post, we have an exciting announcement to share with you all.

Back in February we announced our new milk chocolate alternative: Casholate, which utilises cashew nuts (Cash) as a key ingredient in our tasty chocolate bars (olate). Not only are our Casholate bars available in both milk and white flavours, but now, in a new collaboration with tea lovers Bird & Blend Tea Co., we’ve created a brand new chocolate bar named the Mermaid Matcha!

A combination of White Casholate and Matcha green tea, this heavenly fusion is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Not only is this chocolate visually striking and appealing due to its touch of attractive greenery, it is also packed full of health benefits. These benefits include the antioxidants from the Matcha tea, cashew nuts, and the good essential fats found within the cocoa butter. Certainly, this chocolate will leave a very lasting impression with you.

We have already had some great feedback on the newest creation, and we hope you all love it too! To try it yourself, be sure to come by the shop, and with Easter just round the corner, there may even be a few Easter-themed treats available as well.

The Mermaid Matcha clearly demonstrates that Luisa’s Vegan chocolates is not only for lovers of dark chocolate. With this latest inclusion, we now have a wide range of different vegan options, so you can come and choose the option which is the most suitable for your taste palette.

Stay tuned for more updates about our tasty chocolate and be sure to follow our social media channels to keep up to date with our most recent announcements!