If a new bar doesn’t tick any of your boxes, try some anyway… You could be in for a pleasant surprise

Trust me on this… Luisa’s Artisan Chocolates.

Trust me on this… Luisa’s Artisan Chocolates

If you had to pair me with a chocolate, it would not be a bar of white, non-dairy milk, turmeric-matcha-tea chocolate. That’s pretty much everything I’m not into. And yet, I loved it. This is why one must keep an open mind – and not just about chocolate. Knowledge is never finite.

This particular bar was made by Luisa’s Artisan Chocolates, based in Nottingham, as part of her Casholate range that uses cashew nuts to provide creaminess. But most of the chocolate Luisa produces is plain, simple and spectacular. This is the place if you like your chocolate dark, ethical and really interesting.