On Friday 1st March we teamed up with Majestic Wines in Nottingham to explore the tastes of vegan wine and our very own chocolates at a taster event. It was a wonderful evening with a friendly and intimate group coming together to enjoy new flavour and taste combinations.

I started off the evening by introducing my personal story, starting with the ethos which drives Luisa’s Vegan Chocolates, explaining our bean-to-bar process, from the directly sourced beans from our farmers to my individually made chocolates in the shop; putting the beans back into the chocolate bar which gives us such unique flavours. I spoke on all the origins of the chocolates open for tasting at the session, which included Makira, Papau New Guniea, Solomon Islands, Madagascan, Philippines and Peruvian – all dark chocolate bars, with diverse flavours influenced by the many origins of the beans, and growth in tropical temperatures and in the volcanic soil.

After the initial chocolate tasting, Lewis at Majestic Wines then introduced their vegan wines. It was an interesting experience to taste my chocolate alongside the wine, enhancing the fruity flavours in the chocolate and noting the subtle difference in taste by combining the two, opening up discussion for the similar taste profiles.

It was an indulgent evening, but also educative to see and explore how many vegan wines are on the market now, and being able to support another vegan product which complements mine so well was really exciting. The people who attended the event enjoyed noting the difference in taste and learning about my bean-to-bar chocolate journey.

We hope to do more collaborative events in the future with wine companies to encourage a stronger partnership between Luisa’s Vegan Chocolate and wine, indulging in the two fine tastes, whilst also supporting Nottingham based businesses and sustainable growth.