Hello! A quick update for all our chocolate lovers…

We have been extremely busy at work, not only with our events and tasting experiences, but also creating new chocolate… Luisa’s Vegan Chocolates brings to you the Casholate. Branching out our chocolate selection to not only dark, but now a milk chocolate alternative through the use of Cashew nuts (Cash) to make the chocolate bar (olate) and therefore inspire the name of our proudly made milk chocolate alternative.

Lots of customers love our bean-to-bar experience and the sustainable ethos we support, along with the smells and delights of the roasting beans in the shop through to the finished chocolate on display. We wanted to create a chocolate that involves the same processes we have so carefully crafted, but adapt this fine process to create a lower-sugar vegan version of milk chocolate, with added protein (due to the nuts) to rival other vegan milk chocolate alternatives.

It took a long time to perfect this recipe and we are proud to add our unique mark into the chocolate world by inventing Casholate.

But times are changing beyond the Casholate at Luisa’s, and we have most recently created a white chocolate alternative, the White Casholate – both these new chocolate flavours are ready and waiting for you to taste at the shop, along with our usual chocolates – giving you all the (chocolate) choice in the world!

Stay tuned for even more yummy chocolate and new ideas at Luisa’s Vegan Chocolates… and visit our social media channels for the most up to date stories!