Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

Marking a whole year since receiving the keys to the shop, we celebrated in the best way we knew how – by indulging ourselves in Luisa’s Award-Winning chocolates along with a glass of bubbles!

Open for the public, it was a successful chocolate tasting experience that will definitely continue throughout the year. Customers are invited to learn about Luisa’s amazing chocolate journey, sitting inside the chocolate haven and watching the chocolate churn, while being offered multiple samples of the many different flavours.

The session started with a fascinating history of where the cocoa beans come from. Not only do Luisa and Martin mention the nutritious volcanic soils that make their cocoa beans so special, but they also discussed the ethical values that the shop holds in supporting the local farmers. The customers were fascinated by the information and images, and loved asking questions to learn more.

One of the best ways to enjoy chocolate is by tasting it in its single origin form, where the difference in flavours can be astonishing. From the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinean, to the Philippines and Madagascan, these all resembled interesting flavours that created a great discussion. While some of these had earthy, smoky undertones, others hinted a fruity, creamy taste. The chocolate even ranged from melted liquid to solid blocks, giving everyone a real treat! One group personally found Luisa’s Philippine chocolate to be their favourite, and also loved the sweet, milky taste of Luisa’s new Casholate bars.

The chocolate lovers did not leave empty handed, where even though they could not possibly eat anymore, they took half the shop home with them to indulge in later!

If you are interested in learning more about the chocolates in the shop and would like to book our bean-to-bar chocolate tasting experience, get in touch today by emailing us at veganchocolatesbyluisa@gmail.com.