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Our 2* Great Taste 2020 Award-Winning 75% Solomon Islands Chocolate blended with roasted cashew nuts makes for the creamiest, better-than-milk chocolate that you have ever tasted. Even non-vegans will “never return to milk chocolate again”, our reviews for Casholate speak for themselves.

“The cashew chocolate is the creamiest vegan chocolate I have ever tasted. 100% would recommend.”

Ingredients: cacao, cocoa butter, cashew nuts, unrefined sugar, madagascan vanila.

Contains nuts.

Vegan, dairy-free, refined sugar free, gluten free, soy free, no artificial flavourings & additives, emulsifier free, sulphite free.


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25g, 50g, 100g

8 reviews for Casholate

  1. alexander large

    Really lovely shop with amazing chocolates, so cool how they do bean to bar in the one building, and pay the suppliers 3 times more!! Chocolate is delicious, you entirely forget it’s vegan.

  2. Rachel Jones

    The cashew chocolate is the creamiest vegan chocolate I have ever tasted. 100% would recommend.

  3. Pilar

    Tried their signature non-milk chocolate “casholate” and was truly impressed. Would definitely be buying again.

  4. Jenny Jones

    These chocolates are absolutely delicious, and probably the most ethical treat you could get. The casholate is a particular strength, being creamy and having the right mouthfeel for ‘milk’ chocolate. I’ve only been vegan a year, so i remember what dairy chocolate tastes like – this absolutely nails it!
    Aside from casholate, the single origin cocoa bars and the individual chocolates are all luxurious and worth every penny.
    I just wish I lived nearer!

  5. Katie

    Love visiting Luisa’s shop, it’s so interesting to learn all about the process and how she supports her suppliers! The casholate is my favourite, best vegan milk chocolate I’ve tried!

  6. Sue Newman

    I brought these for my daughter and her partner during lock as I couldn’t see them. They arrived on time and according to my daughter they didn’t last long as they were sooooo good !! Will be buying again x

  7. Gemma (verified owner)

    Wonderful tasting chocolates. Better than dairy. I stumbled upon luisa’s after visiting a friend in Sneinton. I could not believe the taste. Everytime there is a birthday or event i always feel like there is no better gift than Luisa’s. Over the lock down period just after i discovered Luisa. All my friends and family have been blown away! Thanks Luisa and family

    • Luisaschoc

      It makes us so happy to make chocolate for you, we are so pleased that you appreciate our craft! Thank you Gemma 🙂 Luisa x

  8. nicola Richmond (verified owner)

    Chocolate that is on another level. You can’t go back to ‘ordinary’ supermarket chocolate after you have tried Luisa’s. The chocolate makes you feel good- you know you are directly supporting cocoa growers and it is healthier than generic shop-bought chocolate. What is more, Luisa is the loveliest lady out there. Thank you so much Luisa- keep doing what you do! xx

    • Luisaschoc

      Thank you so much for your lovely review it’s a pleasure to make chocolate for wonderful customers like yourself! xx Luisa

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