‘Luisa’s Vegan Chocolates’ not only won the only Gold Award in her category for her 92% Philippines chocolate bar, but was also presented with the UK Rising Star Award, a phenomenal achievement, recognising Luisa’s exemplary chocolate-making skill and work ethic as she reaches her one-year anniversary in her shop. This global cooperation, the Academy of Chocolate, has acknowledged Luisa’s persistent passion to create fine quality chocolate using directly sourced beans, to produce delicious bars and truffles, all of which happen to be vegan, putting the well-deserved spotlight on Luisa’s independent, ethical business. After leaving her career as a teacher to pursue her passion for cacao and set up a shop in sneinton market where Luisa both produces and sells her chocolate, her consistent hard work and emphasis on ethical trade with the farmers (even flying out to Colombia to visit the cacao farms and help them improve their crop!) means there is no chocolate maker that better deserves the UK Rising Star Award than ‘Luisa’s Vegan Chocolates’.

If you would like to come and taste the delights Luisa has to offer, you can order online at www.luisasveganchocolates.co.uk to try a selection of chocolate bars or pop down to the shop at Sneinton Market, Avenue A for her truffles and chocolates.