The Bean-to-Bar Journey: From the Islands to Nottingham

The chocolate making process begins in the volcanic islands; the perfect environment for growing the finest cacao beans in naturally rich soil and a tropical climate.

We source from a variety of islands around the South Pacific and Indian Ocean, including the Solomon Islands, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Vanuatu, Makira, and Bougainville, to produce our chocolate, each unique in taste. We work closely with the farmers to establish strong relationships and trust, directly sourcing their fine beans to ensure a fair price and enable them to support their families and local communities. This results in chocolate that is not only delicious to eat, but also supports ethically sustainable farming.

As a chocolate maker, Luisa then slowly roasts the beans, winnowing them to extract the cacao nibs, to then grind and conch to make the chocolate liquor, and finally temper for the shine, gloss and snap! The fine shells are then moulded and filled with a range of indulgent natural ingredients, or moulded into bars.

Roasting the beans

To develop the characterises of the beans and to reveal all the hidden flavours


The roasted beans are broken to separate the kernel (nibs) from the shell.

Grinding & conching

The Cacao nibs are ground to slowly develop a smooth cocoa liquor. Pure cocoa butter, the cocoa liquor and a small amount of no refined sugar is conched to develop the full flavour.


The chocolate is tempered on a revolving marble slab, to ensure the snap and glossy finish.