Craft chocolate

Luisa actually makes all her chocolate from bean-to-bar at her little shop in Sneinton Market


Luisa has a direct trade policy and pays all her farmers better than Fairtrade price, at least double the standard market rate


Luisa has won an array of awards including 2020 International Gold & 2 Silver, and 9 stars in the 2020 Great Taste for her fine quality single origin chocolate


Bean-to-Bar Craft Chocolate Maker

Rather than a chocolatier buying in ready-made chocolate and melting it down, Luisa is a chocolate-maker, which allows her to control of every step of the chocolate-making process to ensure that every bar is superior in taste, flavour and texture.

This starts with sourcing the finest quality cacao from volcanic islands, which, due to their mineral-rich soils and tropical climate, make the perfect terroir for producing high quality crops that are rich in unique flavours, much like a fine wine.

When the beans arrive at Luisa’s little chocolate shop in Sneinton Market, Luisa performs a cut test to ensure the beans are of high quality. She then roasts the beans, grinds and conches them into a cocoa liquoir, and finally hand-tempers the chocolate.

Single Origin


We only produce single origin chocolate, meaning each bar is from a different region, as opposed to mass-market bulk cacao that can be from a variety of regions. Rather than masking the taste of poor quality bulk cacao with additives and flavourings, our emphasis is on bringing out the natural flavours of our fine quality beans, after all our motto is ‘Great Beans Make Great Chocolate!




We have a Direct Trade Policy, meaning we have a personal relationship with our farmers and are able to visit them, with our most recent visit being to meet our Colombian farmers. Direct trade cuts out the middlemen, which means we can pay our farmers significantly more than Fairtrade price, at least double the standard market rate, which we believe is most deserved for the extra love they take in growing fine quality cacao for us. Direct Trade also means our supply chain is transparent and each bar is traceable back to the farm it was cultivated on, as we know exactly where, who, and how our cacao has been grown. Furthermore, rather than growing bulk cacao for the mass-market, which is linked to deforestation due to the monoculture, our growers farm sustainably and multicrop to conserve biodiversity.





Luisa has won 2020 International GOLD and 2 Silvers, as well as 9 stars in the Great Taste 2020 Awards. This is nothing new as Luisa was reigned UK Rising Star 2019 for her chocolate, as well as winning a prestigious Gold Academy of Chocolate Award 2019 for her 92% Philippines bar.


Roasting the beans

After performing a cut test to assess the quality of the single-origin beans, Luisa fine-tunes the roast profile to bring out the unique flavours of each bean


The roasted beans are broken to separate the kernel (nibs) from the shell

Grinding & conching

The Cacao nibs are slowly ground for days to develop a smooth cocoa liquor. Pure cocoa butter, and non refined sugar are then added to the mix.


To ensure a good snap and glossy finish, the chocolate is skilfully hand-tempered on a revolving marble slab.