On Tuesday 17th December, Luisa and the team attended the University of Nottingham Winter Reception held on campus. The event highlighted the incredible Colombia Cocoa project which Luisa has been working heavily alongside the Future Food Beacon- University of Nottingham’s plant science department to create a new range of incredible Colombian cocoa at a 66%. Whilst the university have been looking at the whole chemical breakdown and plant science developments to do with the fermentation process of the cocoa beans and their growth in general on our 3 Colombian farms, here at Luisa’s Vegan Chocolates, we have been formulating an incredibly fruity and spice note chocolate from our Colombian cacao in order to help our 3 female farmers reach the premium market for their cacao and in turn live a better lifestyle.

Since the launch of our Colombian chocolate, the responses have been incredible. Our customers have been loving the incredible taste notes that our Colombian chocolate releases. With wonderfully Cherry notes and spice undertones, our Colombian chocolate proves a perfect winter chocolate. At the Winter Reception, we heavily encouraged all guests to try all 3 chocolates from our 3 different farmers: Martha, Yanira and Carmen. Although all are from Colombia, all chocolates vary so differently in terms of prominence in flavour notes. Please read more on our project and the winter reception below!