The ethics of chocolate making.

By now, many of you have come to know that my passion for making chocolate goes far beyond simply having a wonderful job. It is a captivating and transparent journey that starts with the cacao fruit pod and culminates in the creation of a chocolate bar. Each origin has its own unique story to tell, and we are fortunate that our customers understand and appreciate the fact that chocolate originates from a fruit. However, what many people don't realise is the incredible diversity of cacao varieties and the multitude of natural nuances present in these amazing fruits when they are cultivated, harvested, and processed into chocolate by skilled chocolate makers.

It's understandable that most people's chocolate experience is limited to mass-produced bars with added flavours or preservatives. These products fail to capture the true essence of chocolate, where the environment, agricultural practices, and the careful attention of farmers impact the flavours that a chocolate maker like myself can unveil by roasting the beans meticulously.

During my recent trip to Colombia I had the opportunity to emphasise the importance of these factors and the vital roles that every individual in the supply chain plays.

Let us celebrate the labor and products involved in chocolate making, and express gratitude to Mother Nature for bestowing upon us this wonderful fruit that has brought deeper meaning to our lives and livelihoods in the communities I had the privilege to visit. I encourage you to support your local chocolate maker and engage with them to learn the stories behind each bar. I am confident that you will be enticed by the richness and complexity that unfolds.

It is important to understand that no two origins of chocolate are the same, just as the vegan chocolate we create cannot be compared to any products found in most local supermarkets. Our dedication to sourcing high-quality ingredients, combined with our commitment to sustainable agricultural practices, ensures that each bite of our chocolate takes you on a unique and unforgettable flavour journey. When you choose to support local chocolate makers, you are not only indulging in a decadent treat but also contributing to the preservation of traditional crops and the sustainability of our environment and communities

Next time you savour a piece of chocolate, take a moment to appreciate the craftsmanship, the stories, and the natural beauty encapsulated within. Explore the world of cacao varieties and origins, and allow yourself to be captivated by the incredible nuances waiting to be discovered. And remember, by supporting local chocolate makers, you are not just enjoying a superior product, but also participating in a movement that values sustainability, craftsmanship, and the preservation of chocolate's true essence. Thank you for the love and appreciation of cacao, together we can make small ripples that will have a lasting impact on communities.