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Once upon a time, Luisa was a textiles teacher that always carried chocolate in her bag. (You may be able to see her artistic affinity in her artisan creations). Now, Luisa handcrafts multi worldwide award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate from her small-scale, ethical chocolate makery in Nottingham. We are passionate about our fine quality craft chocolate, and pay our farmers a better-than-fair price for their great beans.

Luisa makes all her chocolate with love from the beans all the way to the bar, with autonomy over every step of the process. This begins with directly sourcing the finest quality cacao from family run cacao farms. The team have been out to meet the farmers to ensure ethical working conditions, teach them how to cultivate, and build strong and powerful relationships. This has made a significant difference to communities across the globe. Please click here to learn more about how we empower our farmers through education, keeping them out of a poverty cycle.

“In Colombia, farmers are not traditionally well paid for their work or product. Luisa has paid us 69% more, and allowed me to send my son to college"

Direct trade

We pay our farmers a better-than-Fairtrade price because we are passionate about supporting and empowering cacao growing communities.


We make chocolate from the beans all the way to the bar. This is a highly skilled and technical process that separates chocolate makers from chocolatiers.


We are very small but highly renowned worldwide for our bountiful collection of awards, including 2020 International Gold, Academy of Chocolate Gold & double Great Taste

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We are a female-led team; Luisa is in charge of handcrafting all of the chocolate, whilst all the logistics are managed by Isabella. We are lucky to be doing something that we are passionate about and love. We believe that when something is made with love, it tastes better. We like to have a laugh in the shop and regularly show behind the scenes on our instagram, so follow us @luisasveganchocolates



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