Isabella Bedi - July 21 2022

The Royal Society Exhibition

Mhe Royal Society is the oldest national scientific society in the world. It was an honour and privilege for us to be chosen to exhibit there, for their summer science exhibition. Alongside friends from the University of Nottingham, we showed the tree to bar journey of chocolate in a wonderful, interactive way with hands-on activities around the science of chocolate! The event was open to the public, for free, from the 6th-10th July. We'll be there on the 6th and 7th of July. The exhibition was a smash hit - hundreds of people came, even Brian Cox! ITV News also picked up on this to see what we were up to. Have a look below for our highlights.

What is the exhibition about?

Did you know that chocolate is the most scientific food in the world? We are showing people about the process of chocolate from Tree to Bar. Our Colombian Project to empower female farmers by bringing scientific education to them highlighted the science on a microbial level when it comes to the fermentation process of cacao. If cacao is not fermented, you may as well eat soil - there is absolutely no flavour! The fermentation process is essential to help create the fine flavours in cacao, and this is why our motto is Great Beans Make Great Chocolate. Our aim was to bring people's attention to the science and how it impacts taste. Check out this website that the University of Nottingham made to tell you more about the exhibition and they even made a cool game for you to play and test your knowledge here!

Tap to watch our mini vlog!

We're on ITV News! 

Sally's favourites: the 'chocolate brownie notes' bar refers to our 72% Philippines chocolate bar, and our 'fruity notes' bar refers to our 66% Colombian chocolate bar

We are so happy!

At Luisa's Vegan Chocolates, we are so excited to be featured on ITV News, and BBC News (please see on the next blog) in one week! We are so happy that major platforms are sharing the work we are doing to help our farmers and create the finest quality chocolate for you to enjoy. We're so grateful for all this support and want to continue to do projects like this to help farmers worldwide. To find out more about the project, check out our blog page about it here!

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72% Philippines Mindanao Island
72% Philippines Mindanao Island

72% Philippines Mindanao Island

The Dark Chocolate Single Origin Tasting Collection
The Dark Chocolate Single Origin Tasting Collection

The Dark Chocolate Single Origin Tasting Collection