The Dark Chocolate Single Origin Tasting Collection

The Dark Chocolate Single Origin Tasting Collection

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This collection is a chance to try the products we started with. Our single origin chocolate bars form the baseline of our brand; each origin tastes remarkably different, like a fine wine or coffee. Cocoa picks up the flavours of the terroir, so no region is the same. Then, Luisa uses her skills to tailor the chocolate making process to bring out the flavours, which are then exemplified in the final bars. For us, each bar is like a work of art. From fruity citrus notes to smoky mushroom notes, it's this incredible diversity of flavour profiles that encapsulated Luisa to start her chocolate-making career in the first place.

World's apart from anything you'd find in the mass market, these bars are not to be described as 'bitter', but instead are bursting with notes to excite the palate. With only 3 ingredients, customers can't believe there's no flavour added. 

It's important to let these chocolates melt on your mouth and appreciate the flavour journey, When you finish this collection, you'll have a more attuned palate and a greater appreciation for premium quality chocolate.

This collection is the reason why people who traditionally 'don't like dark chocolate' become hooked on ours. 

This collection contains 4x single origin dark chocolate bars, ranging from 62% to 75%.

Ingredients: cocoa mass, unrefined sugar, cocoa butter.

Handcrafted from bean-to-bar by Luisa at her little chocolate makery in Nottingham.

Made in an environment that handles nuts.

Store in a cool, dry place. Best enjoyed within 1 year.

Dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, additive-free & plant-based.

100% compostable & biodegradable packaging.