About the Bar - Vanuatu 72%


 village owned cocoa estate.   The beans are harvested and cracked open before fermenting for 6 days.


Vanuatu farmers tend to favour poly tunnels for drying cocoa beans, an idea borrowed from Europe (Dutch flower growers).


The first agricultural crop in Vanuatu (formerly New Hebrides) was cotton, followed by coffee, cocoa and coconut.   Today, coconut is the main crop which provides useful shade for the cocoa trees.


The islands were ruled by France and Britain for a considerable time and the most southerly islands in the group, New Caledonia remained as a French protectorate following the independence of the other islands.


Cocoa farmers nearly always grow coconut on their farms as well as a the family kitchen garden for all their fresh fruit and vegetables.


The cocoa is a mix of Trinitario and Amelonado Forastero cocoa.